Our Vision: Gospel-Centrality and Gospel Growth

The vision for Cross of Christ Fellowship is to be a gospel-centered church that makes disciples of Jesus who love and serve God and others. Our hope is to be a counter-cultural, missionary community that seeks the glory of God and the good of our neighbors in every sphere of life through the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel.


We not only hope that our church is gospel-centered, we also long to see the gospel’s influence expand in our lives and the lives of those who live in Naperville. In particular, we want to see the gospel GROW and bear fruit in Naperville. The Apostle Paul used this metaphorical imagery in the first century in his letter to a new church community in the city of Colossae (Colossians 1:6). As the Colossian residents heard and believed the gospel, it began to bear the fruit of godly transformed lives. The gospel “grew and bore fruit” as an ever-increasing number of people were converted and came to faith. We pray that this would happen in Naperville as more of its residents hear, believe, and apply the gospel.

The word ‘GROW’ also works well as an acronym for what we hope those who live in Naperville will come to recognize that:


The Glory of God outshines the beauties and aesthetic marvels of the world around us.


There is a true and lasting Relevance of the gospel for all of our lives.


The Offense of man’s sin against God is real and has created an urgent need for all to be reconciled with God through Jesus Christ.


The Wisdom of godly living—living to exalt Christ in our hearts, lives, and community—is superior to any worldly philosophy or self-centered pragmatic approach.

In short, we want to see the gospel grow and bear much fruit in Naperville.

Here’s how GROW manifests our core values in order to fulfill our mission strategy of making disciples as disciples:

Glory of God


Relevance of the Gospel

Gospel Centrality Bible Teaching

Offense of Sin

Evangelism Ministry

Wisdom of Godliness